Port Dickson Attractions

Port Dickson is a popular beach and holiday destination of Malaysia located approximately 90 km from Kuala Lumpur and 32 km from Seremban. It is one of the beach resort in Malaysia whereby the visitors can spend the whole of the vacation relaxing beside the white sandy beach and enjoy the breath taking views. Port Dickson is not only magnificent in terms of scenery but also the place where most of the ancient customs and cultures of Malaysia are preserved. Some of the attractions and main activities which tourist could do around Port Dickson are as follows:

Port Dickson Ostrich Showfarm

Port Dickson Ostrich Showfarm

Port Dickson Ostrich Showfarm

Port Dickson Ostrich Showfarm is opening daily (including Sundays and Public Holidays) from 9.00am to 5.30pm and there are 90 ostriches in total available here. Travellers visiting this farm may learn the technologies and instruments which are used in the Ostrich industry and to taste some of the special Ostrich dishes. Besides, visitors could also experience the Ostrich ride. In addition, there are also the private collections of exotic ornamental chickens,peacocks, pheasant, as well as estuarine crocodiles here. Visitos will definitely have a memorable a learning experience in ths farm despite having most of the information regarding Ostriches.

Army Museum

Visitors could find many of the historical moments of the armies of Singapore and Malaysia displayed at this Port Dickson Army museum.Some of the old war plans and other war relics can be found in this Army Museum.The Museum is closed in Monday and Tuesday.

Yacht Clubs

Expats founded the Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club in 1927, which still offers dinghy sailing courses and runs regattas. The most recently set-up 5-star Admiral Marina & Leisure Club offers good dock facilities for sailboats, yacht travelers and luxury cruisers. It is a transit point for racing sailboats joining the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta.Some of the dining experience can be cherished by most of the visitors in the Yacht Clubs and the building is near to the Avillion Village Resort. Mots of the Chinese dining and local Malaysian dishes are available in this British built building.

The Teluk Kepang Beach

Teluk Kepang Beach is one of the of the longest beaches as well as one of the oldest beaches in the Port Dickson. During school holiday or weekend, alot of school children visiting here for picnicking or camping. Some of the water sports activities which will keep you busy are such as banana funboat rides, speed boat rides,the beach buggy ride and beach volleyballs.

Ten Mile Beach

Ten Mile Beach is a popular place for relaxation as the people can swim, enjoy the delicious dishes and watch the beautiful sunset of Port Dickson.

Tanjung Tuan Light House



Tanjung Tuan Light House was built in the 18th century by the British on the highest point of the cape. It is the oldest lighthouse in the country and is still in use today. In the 1990s, a radar for monitoring purposes of crossings by large ships was installed in the light house. On a bright and clear day, one can see Sumatra Island across the Straits of Malacca.

Although,the light house is not open to visitors, nevertheless visitors could request the keeper to bring visitors for a tour. There are 66 flight of steps leading to the light house. To reach the peak of the light house, one has to climb 72 flight of steps. The light house is controlled by the Melaka administrator as Tanjung Tuan is a territory of Melaka even though it is located in Port Dickson.

The petting zoo, Avillion Resort

Although this petting zoo is small, there are quite a variety of animals such as the rabbits,turkeys,peacocks, ducks and chickens.

PD Mini Zoo
The Port Dickson mini zoo is organised by the Tiara Beach Resort. There is a limited collection of ostriches,crocodiles, donkeys,pheasants, camels, horses and snakes. Visitors can take rides on donkeys and donkey carts. There are also occasional snake performances on Sundays and Public Holidays. Visitors could buy cows, goats, kampung eggs or even horses at this zoo.

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